​​Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.


As life goes, things come up and our bodies can get overwhelmed, confused, and lose track of what needs to get done.


BodyTalk taps into that innate wisdom that "knows" and facilitates turning that healing power back on. As a practitioner, I help identify what your body knows needs to be done, then I hold the space for your body to make those changes. 

BodyTalk can help to unlock your body's innate ability to heal itself.

BodyTalk can help you maximize your potential for healing, health and happiness.


​The charts used in The BodyTalk System are very complex. They include all aspects of your body/mind and then some.

Some modalities use just one system... like acupuncture uses meridians, and chiropractic uses the nervous system, and a homeopath will use homeopathy.

What if your body wants or needs more? Perhaps your body would like to improve the communication between your crown chakra, your pineal, your heart, your cerebrospinal system and your meridians? And, then it wants to balance all of that to releasing some belief systems. I could go on and on. 

BodyTalk is the only truly holistic modality. BodyTalk charts pull from the wisdom of all modalities to optimize your body's ability to heal itself.  


Tapping is used in many natural healing modalities. EFT is one of the most popular ones.


With BodyTalk, tapping is used is a specific way. All practitioners will tap your head and heart.

This is how it works... Once your body identifies the priorities, perhaps a link between your brain, your heart and your digestive system, then your practitioner will tap.


First, your practitioner will tap your head to bring your body's awareness to the areas of priority. Then your practitioner will tap your heart, to ask your body to store it... just like we say "I know that by heart"... your body can integrate the shifts it said were the priority. 

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