I love being a mom. It's the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I've ever done. If you want enlightenment, immersing yourself in this physical experience is the fastest way for your "stuff" to show up... then you can look at yourself, your stuff, and really heal. Thank goodness for BodyTalk to help with all those consciousness shifts and releasing the old stuff! BodyTalk has really helped me become the mom and person I want to be... that's responsive and loving rather than reactive and emotional. Being a mom has accelerated my growth as a BodyTalk practitioner and my love for the work... I like to look at each session with the curiosity of a child, and just wonder what will come up for each person. What great jobs I have in the office with my healing practice and at home as a mom!

Candice A. Torresdal in the treatment room of The BodyTalk Office.

I love adventure, and I love what I do... that is BodyTalk. I feel like BodyTalk is a catalyst to awakening to one's true self, true health, and true happiness. BodyTalk has deepened my love for everything, especially myself. I am so grateful that I can share BodyTalk with others and be a part of their journey. 

For the kids... I've written a couple of books and am working on more. They have to do with mindset and self mastery. Kids just don't have as many belief systems and programming as we do, so my hope is to reach them young and help empower them with tools to how to think and why, instead of just being told what to think. Kids respond great to BodyTalk too, and any ages are welcome in my practice.

I hope I have the honor of meeting you and working with you. 

Lots of Light,


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