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Healing with Candice

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Join Candice for this informative event that can transform your life and health in one night! Learn all about BodyTalk, experience a Group Session, and even learn a powerful technique to take home! The technique you learn could save a life!


Online Zoom Meeting

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Learn all about the BodyTalk System and Healing with Candice. Learn and practice one of the BodyTalk techniques and see what a session is like. This is great if you can't make a Healing with Candice on zoom.


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Healing 101


Learn 5 Techniques to Heal yourself and loved ones anywhere and any time. 

Practice and ask questions as Candice shares amazing and powerful ways to heal yourself.


Online Zoom Meeting

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Healing with Candice

Candice A. Torresdal, CBP

*Serving Women & Children & Families

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