The Future of Medicine Documentary was produced by Candice T. Aguirre in 2008. This film takes a walk through 25 different modalities with interviews with over 30 experts in the natural health and wellness field. What started as a mission to share natural health with the world, really became a way for Candice to learn as much as she could about the most common modalities available at that time. 

The Future of Medicine Documentary

Are you ready to be Happy, Healthy, and Whole?


We know we must change something to get different results…

• How do we know where to begin?

• How do we know what choices we have?

• How do we move beyond our traditional medical mindset to a more holistic approach for true healing?

The Future of Medicine Documentary can help!


Health is possible!

Meet over 25 natural health experts in this film who have something to tell you! They want to share their amazing tools that can support your body so that it can heal itself naturally.

Your natural state is health, not pain and illness!

Experts agree that the future of medicine is an integrated, holistic approach that works to bring you and your life into balance so that your body and mind can function the way they were meant to, in a healthy and pain-free way.



“Thank you for making this film. My family is now in alignment with my holistic way of thinking, and we are making changes in our lifestyle.”     –Anne, CA

“Your documentary has given me hope. I now have options to living in pain. Thank you. I know I’m finally on a path of healing.”     -Mike, NY

Are you happy with your health and your life?

Often people turn to natural health because there’s no where else to turn.  Don’t wait until that’s you. When you still have choices is the best time to make them.

Testimonials (con’t)

“Great film, full of information -Very empowering! Finally, the Secret of Health is out!  Thank you!”     -Nathalie, AZ

“Being part of the holistic community & industry for over 10 years, this film lends credibility and validity to the many complementary modalities available.  Thank you!”      -Tonya, AZ

“The insight offered in this film ignites a deeper knowing within, and will help wake people up around the world!”     -Jamie, AZ

Are you ready to be truly healthy, happy and whole?

Great News! Health is on its way. This powerful documentary is full of that wisdom and has the power to change your paradigm of health, expand your mind, and improve your health and life no matter what your starting point is.

• Hear from over 25 experts that specialize in different healing modalities.

• Get an inside peak of actual sessions taking place.

• Become familiar with different methods of healing and how they might help you.

• Become educated in your options and confident with your choices when it comes to your health and your life.

• Be empowered to implement many bits of wisdom right away to start improving your health and your life!


This documentary reveals the secrets of healing!

Mysteries around natural health and healing are a thing of the past. Numerous healing modalities are readily available and quickly growing in popularity throughout the world.

Camera crews get inside actual treatment rooms and capture footage of live sessions and candid conversations about each healing modality and their potential.

People are healing from their illnesses when the traditional medical approach said it was impossible, and this film uncovers how it’s being done.

Whether you’re new to natural health or you’re a veteran, there’s an abundance of information in this film that’s life transforming.


Are you ready to take your life to another level?

Just by watching the film, you’ll tap into the wisdom behind what’s being spoken and receive the transference of an even higher knowledge.

Join the new paradigm of health and embrace the connection between all aspects of your being to optimize your health and maximize your healing. The connection between the mind, body, and spirit is no longer being ignored. When you heal at one level, like the physical, you’re also healing the mind and spirit; and vise versa. So not only do you feel better, but everything about your life gets better.

Start your journey to true health, happiness and wholeness today!

The Future of Medicine Documentary

The movie that’s saving lives!


*Future of Medicine Documentary Produced by: Candice T. Aguirre

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