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BodyTalk for Stress

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

Once BodyTalk is a part of your life, its way of healing weaves itself into your life and has an amazing effect on stress.

Here's an example of how this works... when you are faced with a situation or person that would usually illicit a quick, negative reaction; instead you have space to recognize how you are feeling and begin to question why you are so upset by this. Soon enough, having breathed through the moment, you now have time to respond consciously and mindfully.

BodyTalk helps you recognize your belief systems, patterns and programming so that you can keep what serves you and release the rest. Even with one session, clients report an increased amount of peace and a deeper sense of awareness of their experience. Doesn't that sound nice?

What are your top 5 worries, stresses, and/or button pushers? Can you get to the programming behind them and unravel it all on your own? Are you willing to see these situations differently? If either answer is no, give Bodytalk a try... it's can be so


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