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BodyTalk is for Kids too!

BodyTalk can benefit your kids so much! Imagine what your life would have been like if you could have wiped the slate clean from some of your unhealthy childhood programming... that's possible!

My son and I. He loves BodyTalk!

When you come in for your session, I can do BodyTalk on your children (if under 18) during your session. They do not need to be present for the session, and they will receive all the benefits. Sometimes I balance my son to his classroom and classmates, sometimes it's between family members and events, and other times I work with strengthening the communication within the brain. It's different everytime, but always what his body needs, because I just ask.

If your child is struggling with something at school, or at home, or in life in general, come in for some BodyTalk and we can ask their body what is going on. I'm here to help all Mama's be the best Mama's they can be, and often that's helping you help your kiddo!

I look forward to meeting you and hearing how I can help your kiddo with a little BodyTalk be their best selves!

Lots of Light,

Candice A. Torresdal.

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