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BodyTalk That Baby!

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

Before my son was born, I was doing a BodyTalk session on a women who was 8 months pregnant. She had complete placenta previa, and her doctor was suggesting scheduling a c-section. Instead, she came to see me for some BodyTalk.

Just Let the BodyTalk.

So, I began the session and had different things come up, like balancing between mom and baby, and balancing around construction being done in the home. Then, her body brought me to a formula that comes up when the body physically wants to move something around inside. This time it was her placenta. Her body wanted to move it to the top front of her uterus. So I visualized and tapped and I did the technique. BodyTalk requires a lot of trust since it's all energetic and we can't "see" inside the body, but I felt good about the session and hopeful for her.

BodyTalk Moves.

When I heard from her again, she had a healthy baby boy. She said in under 2 weeks, her placenta had moved to exactly where her body had said. What? Crazy, right... or not so crazy. Our bodies know exactly what they need, but we need to take the time to honor what it is trying to say.

BodyTalk My Baby

When I decided to start my family, I was sure to get LOTS of BodyTalk on me and baby, knowing how much it can help our bodies do what is intended. And, I had a wonderful, home birth. Come see me if you want to BodyTalk that baby!

Happy Pregancy and Motherhood!


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