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BodyTalk Your Neck Pain Away For Good!

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

Got Neck Pain? The question is, what in your life is a pain in your neck? What are you carrying around on your shoulders? What is your body trying to get you to see by locking your head into position? Maybe there's a memory of a neck injury from the soup on conscousness that your body is holding onto. BodyTalk can help!

Chiropractors will adjust you, doctors will give you medicine, acupuncturists will use some needles to work on your meridians, a naturopath might do a combo of the above... thing is, they are working on the symptom, not the cause. Why do you even have neck pain?

Neck Pain for a Deeper Reason

Why are you subluxated? What is your body trying to bring to light? Why are your meridians not circulating energy the way they are supposed to? What do you need herbs to relax from? That is the real question... what's causing the malfunction that these natural therapies are treating? In BodyTalk, we just ask your body!

Neck Pain

If I had 20 clients with neck pain, each one would have a very differerent session. There are a million ways the body can choose to balance it, and I'm not as creative as your body, so I'm just going to come up with some hypotheticals to expand your awareness. 1) your boss (kids, husband/wife) is a pain in your neck, 2) you inherited some genetic weaknesses in that area, 3) your body is compensating for being in a constant state of stress that holds the body tight and tense, 4) past life memory of an event to do with the neck, 5) old injury from childhood that your body is holding for some reason, 6) specific injury (car accident), 7) throat chakra stuff (feeling stuck in speaking your truth), etc... I could go on and on, but your body is the authority on your stuff.

What To Do With Neck Pain?

While many natural therapy practitioners can help with the symptoms of the pain, they don't have a way to find out what led to that event, how it serves you, and what needs to be "seen" in order for it to go away. Why do you continually subluxate? Why does your meridian flow get stuck in the same area over and over again? With BodyTalk, there is no guesswork. Your practitioner will just ask the body what is going on and how it wants to balance it. Maybe your body is trying to reduce nerve flow because it's working on some pathways that don't want to get overloaded... your body is wise... it has it's reasons. If you need a different therapy like chiropractic, that will actually come up in your session too. If you have any neck and/or back pain, give BodyTalk a try... let's see what your body has to say about it.

To Having Neck Pain No More!


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