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Health And Beauty Exposed!?!

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

#Health and #Beauty are two things that everyone has some relationship to. It's always about your relationship to what's happening in your life and the why behind it.

Weight of Health & Beauty

Why is weight so hard for many to lose? Well, what is extra weight? Protection. It could be other things too. But, if you lose the weight who would you be? Perhaps uncomfortable with all the cat calls and all the attention? More subject to sexual harassment? Would you be vulnerable to guys who just want to get in your pants? How would you know you are loved for you on the inside? Maybe a little extra weight is about developing a level of self love that is based on who you really are, not what you look like. So, that extra weight is actually bringing you a gift. Perhaps food is a way of coping, and it's just what you need right now to handle your stress. If this is so, rather than worrying about your weight, perhaps look at what is causing so much stress that requires coping.

Health of Beauty

What is beauty for you? Is it more confidence, more opportunities, enjoying yourself and the way you look? Do you whisper sweet nothings to yourself as you look in the mirror? Or is it an unbearable, unachievable standard set by Hollywood & the media that has you saying awful things to yourself in the mirror? When I'm happy and at peace in my life, I feel beautiful; and I'll talk to anyone and everyone when I'm out and about. When I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I feel ugly; and I try to hide under a hat and in a sweatshirt. How does how you feel affect your appearance, and how does your appearance affect how you feel? It's amazing how interconnected these things are. What do you do to create a healthy routine to feel beautiful everyday in the body you have to drive this time around?

Health and Beauty

There is no perfect. Beautiful is unique to each of us. It doesn't matter what you weigh, what you look like, how you dress... etc. What does matter is how you "feel" about it all. Being comfortable with yourself and your situation is a gentle acceptance that allows you to shift and make changes if you want to. Otherwise, your resistsence to being a certain way can actually cause it to stick around. Accceptance isn't surrender... it's a simple recognition of how things are. BodyTalk is great at helping people move from resistence and stuckness, to acceptance and possibility. The secret is that #Health and #Beauty are not standards, they are teachers; showing us more about who we are. Take a look in the mirror to learn what your health and beauty are teaching you, and come in for some BodyTalk if you need some help shifting what comes up. I'm here for you.

You are Beautiful, I know it!


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