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Is BodyTalk Right For You?

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

BodyTalk is an amazing holistic healing modality that addresses the cause of what's going on and uses your body to find out what that is.

Is BodyTalk right for you?

Well, BodyTalk is very transformational. So, are you ready for a consiouness boost? Are you willing to see things in your life and the world differently? If the answer is yes, then BodyTalk is a great fit for you. Thing is, we can only heal to the depth that we are ready and willing. Our illnesses are often our teachers. BodyTalk can help speed up the process of learning by bringing into your awareness what needs to be dealt with, as well as, helping the body process and release emotions, patterns, programming, toxins, traumas, etc.

Prepare for BodyTalk

Say these statements to get yourself ready for your BodyTalk session.

  • I am willing to see things differently.

  • I am willing to heal.

  • I am willing to let go of my anger.

As you say those statements, if you're secretly thanking God for me not writring something else, then say that instead. If saying "I am willing" is too hard, try:

  • I am open to healing

  • I am open to what I don't see

  • I give myself permission to forgive ______

The above statements are just a caliber for yourself and where you're at. BodyTalk can really help anyone, but I like to work with clients who are ready and open to heal and see things differently. We can only change ourselves, not the world around us. So, if you're ready to change in order for your life to change, then come see me! I would love to be your BodyTalk Practitioner! When I say change, I'm not going to be giving you a list of "to dos"... I just mean being open. We just can't change other people... but when you change, your perspective of those around you will change and they just might too!

Lots of Light,


Candice T. Aguirre, CBP

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