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Money Is Just Money $$$

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

Too often we hear people talking badly about money. The bottom line is, money means something different to everyone. To me, money means freedom to spend my time the way I'd like, it means more time with my family and loved ones, more adventures, healthy and organic food, a safe car, clothes I feel good in, and fun... lots of fun!

Belief Systems Around Money

If you don't have the financial wealth you desire, how is npt having money serving you? Does it confirm deeply held belief systems about money? Like... not going to be a sell out, don't need money, I'm spiritual so I'm above it, money doesn't bring happiness... etc. Or, are you making excuses so you don't have to work hard, take risks, do something different, or step into your greatness? Perhaps on some deep level there are beliefs about your self worth, a less than optimal ability to receive, some fear of success, or some issues around rejection or your value.

Money Is Just Money

Money is simply a way we measure value in the world. If you provide a LOT of value to the world, it is often reflected in a money exchange. Whether it's good or bad value is another blog post on its own... value, nonetheless. And, money is an amplifier. If you are a generous person, then with a lot of money you will be "a lot" generous. If you are a rude person, then with a lot of money you will be "a lot" rude.

Money and a Look Within

Look at the picture of the fancy cars above again. What was your first reaction? Are you happy for the person who has achieved this? Are you thinking why they need so many cars? or What a waste? Do you have some shame for the wealth they have? Or pride for living on so little? I often find myself curious about people with wealth. I am asking myself what massive value they are providing in exchange for their money. I want to know how they are showing up "BIG" in their lives and how they feel about money, wealth, themselves, and the world. And, I'm so happy for them and their success!

What Is Money Teaching You

Are you learning to depend on someone else for money? Could this be an opportunity to bring you and your partner closer? Or do you need to trust yourself to provide for others? Who are you required to become to have the money you want in your life? What habits will you have to change? Are you really ready for money... like do you have structure for the money, so it can grow? Is not having it a way for life to show you that you're not on the right path? I love this quote by Jim Rohn...

If you want to have more, you have to become more. For things to improve, you have to improve. For things to get better, you have to get better. For things to change, you have to change. When you change, everything changes for you. -Jim Rohn

An Exercise With Money

Go through the motions of what you would do if you had the money you wish. What does that bring up? Like... fears, re-connection with others, freedom, etc. Perhaps you're meant find those things before you have the money you desire. I realized I was afraid of being a target or being robbed. That fear surprised me, but also disappeared once I was aware of it. I also felt like I could give more if I had money, so I decided to be as generous as possible now.

Your Money Path

Money doesn't make you more, better, smarter, self-mastered, a master at anything... You become more first and then you make more money. Interesting how we have that backwards most of the time. Please share what your insights are and anything you've uncovered about your relationship with money, or buttons that may have been pushed by my post above. Your buttons are a quick way to grow if you look within. Note: BodyTalk can help shift your belief systems and diffuse those sensitive buttons if you need.

Light to you and all the money you desire,


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