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My First BodyTalk Session

A Personal Experience of BodyTalk

Little did I know… BodyTalk would be the catalyst to my awakening.

Candice T. Aguire doing BodyTalk back in 2005!

Before BodyTalk

My Life before BodyTalk was pretty great until it wasn’t. Well, I was blissfully unaware, and I was just going through life one adventure to the next. When I got married and moved to Arizona, my life fell apart. I left all my friends, my job, and “who I was” to move to what I thought, at the time, was the hottest place on earth… yes, after a few weeks I thought I was in “hell”. It was the middle of summer and 118 degrees one day, my husband had a job and friends and clubs that he was a part of and I had nothing. I was basically starting over. I had assumed many of the homemaker tasks and had become pretty depressed very quickly. A new Phoenix friend told me about this interesting thing called BodyTalk, and her excitement about it made me very curious... I wanted to see what it was all about.

My First BodyTalk Session

As I enter the BodyTalk office, I hear soft music playing and am surrounded by relaxing decor. I was met by the practitioner who definitely looked and talked the part… that is of a woo woo healer. My upbringing was very traditional, and my family always went to the doctor for everything. Natural healing was a very new concept to me, but at the same time I was very interested. As the session began, I noticed many sensations, but at one point when the practitioner was tapping, tears started streaming down my face. I asked what was happening, because I had no to why I had tears, and I didn't even feel sad... but there were a lot of tears. It was very wierd to experience such detachment and release. Afterwards, he explained that he was working with helping my body release some inherited emotions, including grief, from a traumatic event. I didn’t know that was possible... to inherit stuffed emotions? I left the office feeling like a whole new person. It was like someone removed a huge elephant who had been sitting on my shoulders, and it was an elephant I didn’t even know was there. I had no idea that I could feel so light and at ease in my life.

Give Me More of that BodyTalk stuff

There was a BodyTalk course coming up, Modules 1 & 2. I immediately signed up. I couldn’t wait to learn how this amazing stuff worked. It was so new and so different, I had to know more. The day of the class arrived and I woke up with the worst case of “allergy” symtoms ever. Thing is, I don’t have allergies. I didn’t care that my nose was running like a faucet and my eyes were dripping like crazy… I looked like I was really upset and crying… I didn’t care… I showed up ready and so excited for the class. I did pull aside the instructor to talk with him... “I don’t have allergies, but I’m really experiencing some massive symptoms all of a sudden… what is going on?” He put his hand on my shoulder, paused for a moment, and he said “You’re processing”. Then he went up and started the class. At the time, I had no idea what he meant, but I was fine with that answer, stuffed some tissue in my nose and got out my pen to take notes. As we learned the basics of doing BodyTalk, we practiced on one another and got lots of mini sessions. The instructor also did sessions on each of us to demonstrate. I understand now how much healing was happening and why I was “processing” so intensely. It was an amazing class, and it changed my life forever.

Becoming a Practitioner

The First day after class, I got the name of a chiropractor in the area who knew one of my friends back home and asked him if he had some space for rent. I was ready to start practicing what I had learned. He said yes and within three days I had a website and a waiting list of people who wanted to experience my practice sessions. I needed to do about 100 sessions and monitor the course 1 more time before I could take the test, so I was getting started. And, this all came together so easily. I would have a thought, take the action and things would happen. It was amazing how fast things happened. Within 3 months, I had taken the course 3 times from different instructors and done over 200 sessions. I got my certification and officially opened my practice. I took all the advanced courses they had and also became an instructor of the one-day Access BodyTalk Class. to this day, I still take classes and participate in training to keep my BodyTalk skills sharp!

Thank You BodyTalk for the Expanded Awareness

In addition to helping others through my BodyTalk practice, BodyTalk has helped me in so many ways. In one word, I would say empowered. But it's so much more... I have found a deep peace and awareness, been able to shed many of my belief systems and programming, find that I respond rather than react to life, and most of all have become responsible for my own life and consiously assumed the driver's seat once more.

May Your Journey With BodyTalk Be One of Awakening and Great Healing too!

Love and Light,


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