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Natural Cancer Cure

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

#Cancer. Hmm... that word really does it sometimes. Many of us know people who have had cancer or have lost loved ones to cancer. It's impossible to figure out the exact why for cancer, but we do know a LOT! Let's look at cancer holistically for a possible natural cancer cure.

Physical Perspective of Cancer

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg says in his own words:

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”

Thus, from a nutritional standpoint, if you can give your body what it needs for the cells to function properly, meaning have proper respiration, cancer would decrease. Perhaps this mean foods your body will recognize and can digest and utilize like... organic, unprocessed, whole foods, water, etc. We also know that as cancer progresses, the body becomes more acidic: so if you feed the body foods that promote acidity, then you are probably just preparing more terrain for cancer. This is probably why detox centers like OHI in San Diego, CA work for a lot of people. Some people go on a juice fast, some go vegan, others go whole foods... everyone's body is different, so how your body handles foods and the level of acidity it creates is unique to you.

Mental Perspective of Cancer

A close relative of mine recently had some test that came back positive with cysts. She has previously had cancer in another area of her body. I asked her what were the top 5 things going on in her life right now that caused her stress. Then I asked, would it be easier for you to just get cancer, be the one who is sick, to give yourself permission to then tell everyone exactly how you really feel? She said "YES"! I was shocked and not surprised at the same time. Illness can be empowering... you can finally quit that job you hated, be motivated to make lifestyle changes, etc. It becomes your choice, once you're aware of it. My family member ended up having all those difficult conversations and will be going back for follow up tests in a couple months to see if things have cleared up.

Emotional Perspective of Cancer

One of my favorite stories about BodyTalk is of a client who had cancer. He had gone to his BodyTalk practitioner for appendix cancer that had come back in the exact spot it had been, even though his appendix and the cancer had been removed previously. His body brought the practitioner to an event in elementary school where this man had an encounter with a bully. As a boy, he stood up to the bully, punched him and burst his appendix. He remembered at that moment his remorse and how he wished he could take it back... thing is, he had. The practitioner tapped, the client breathed, and the tumors went away. So, just to cover all your basis, perhaps go through your life history and make peace with "everything" that could be eating away at you. Couldn't hurt!

BodyTalk Your Cancer

As your BodyTalk practitioner, I will ask your body what it wants and needs. It will be individual to you. Maybe it's toxins, maybe it's a lifestyle change, maybe it's belief systems, maybe it's something you just can't let go... beautiful thing is, I don't have to guess... I can just ask your body. Schedule with me if you like the sound of this! Perhaps I'll need to bring your body's awareness to repairing the cancer cells to receive messages from the body that tell them to expire. Or maybe I'll ask you to take deep breathes and hold space for you as your body releases a traumatic event that's been stuffed down deep. It could be anything, and simple or complex. BodyTalk is always a great supplement to support your body in healing itself, no matter what course of treatment(s) you choose. Come in for a session, and let's ask your body!

Lots of Light and Healing to you,


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