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Pain is Not Just Pain

Pain is no fun, no matter where it is. Hip pain, shoulder pain, headaches, wrist pain, neck pain, etc.... I could go on and on. The thing is, your pain is a part of a health story that is indivudual to you. A doctor will give you something to block the pain signal, but wouldn't you like to balance the why behind that signal? Your body is trying to say something... aren't you curious?

A Health Story Behind Pain

Here's a story about some hip pain a client came in with. This particular client is in excellent health and is very in tune with his body. He came in for his regular session and this time he said he was experiencing some right hip pain that came on pretty suddenly. Pain and any health issue usually has to do with an imbalance in consciousness in the body/mind, so it was time to figure it out.

During his session, the common theme was to balance out times in his life that he may not have had the support he needed. Without going into specifics, here are the areas that came up to balance... one childhood period for about 10 years when family dynamics changed, one influence from the mahat, and three different groups he is in now (work, culture, and visionaries). Once those 5 pieces to his health story were balanced, his body rebalanced his hips. Important to note here... the hips hold the natural consciousness of support. So before his body could balance out the pain in his hip... it needed to address and balance all the factors that were affecting it, influencing it and keeping it from healing and be in optimal condition. The hip pain was the end result, not the cause; and his body knew exactly which aspects of his life needed to be addressed to sort it out.

In traditional medicine, the doctors will look at your hip. They will stay focused on what is going on there. That's fine for acute pain and getting by... but long term health and wellness is a much bigger picture. If you are wanting to have a look at your health story behind things you are experiencing, try BodyTalk! There are practitioners around the world, and you can find them at www.BodyTalkSystem.com. You are also welcome to schedule with me.

Don't wait until your health story causes you pain... come in for some BodyTalk and let's stay ahead of it!

Lots of Light,


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