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KIDS BOOKS: My Brain is a Thinking Machine & Yawning, Yawning Time for Bed

DOCUMENTARY: The Future of Medicine (2008)


My Brain is a Thinking Machine by Candice A. Torresdal is a fun social story teaching kids to become aware of their thoughts and what to do with them. Wrapping important life skills into a easy to understand kids' book can help prevent the detrimental effects of overthinking, negative thinking and self talk in the future. These skills can be taught at any age... why not start young?

Yawning Yawning, Time for Bed

Yawning Yawning, Time for Bed by Candice A. Torresdal is a magical nighttime story that teaches love and values. This book is sure to be a favorite among families, for it builds confidence, shares love, and fosters life skills. Touching on gratitude, dreaming, setting goals, being yourself and more. Sing this book to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and add your own verses to pass along to your kids wisdom that is close to your heart.

This goodnight book is also an important social story that can help to teach the bedtime routine to all kids. And, a social thinking element through thought bubbles facilitates the ability to learn about thoughts and feelings, perspective taking, and empathy.

Enjoy the inspirations quotes throughout the book, as well as, the extension exercises at the end to foster continued learning in self mastery and social skills. Take advantage of the most powerful time of day to remind your kids on a deep level how amazing and loved they are.

The  Future of Medicine Documentary

Produced by Candice A. Torresdal in 2008...

Often people turn to natural health because there’s no where else to turn.  Don’t wait until that’s you... When you still have choices is the best time to make them.

• Hear from over 25 experts that specialize in different healing modalities.

• Get an inside peak of actual sessions taking place.

• Become familiar with different methods of healing and how they might help you.

• Become educated in your options and confident with your choices when it comes to your health and your life.

• Be empowered to implement many bits of wisdom right away to start improving your health and your life!

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